What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Brisbane


Brisbane is where it’s all happening. The blend of food, people and lifestyle concocts an experience that cannot be paralleled. Even after the nine months that I’ve dedicated to sampling as much of Brisbane as possible, I must admit that there are still plenty more that I’ve yet to see.

People in Brisbane are well known for being laid back and friendly. Yet unlike some parts of Australia where this may just be a euphemism for being “sloppy” or acting like a “bogan”, it is thankfully not the case here. In fact I have yet to see a bare feet walker on the streets. But if you ever feel like walking with nude feet, people in Brisbane are so friendly they will simply embrace your difference.

Even now, I am still nicely surprised by the warm energy that everybody exudes – so be prepared to continue chatting to that shopkeeper even after you’ve paid for your purchases!

As a typical broke university student, I am always on the hunt for activities that cost close to nothing. Considering the number of universities in Brisbane, and the even greater number of students studying here, Brisbane has certainly listened and catered to our needs for cheap leisure.

Roma Street ParklandThe abundance of parks makes it easy to find a place to de -stress and have a picnic. Take Roma Street Parkland, for example. Here, you will be surrounded by splashes of colourful flowers, small rolling hills and trees dancing with the whistling music of the wind that will make you feel at one with nature.

You will feel as if you’ve been transported to a place much further than the convenient 10 minute walk it took to get you there. Brisbane’s ability to provide activities like this certainly helps me feel refreshed after a long week.

If you are the type who prefers to unwind to loud beats, head out to Fortitude Valley – the place that forms the heart of Brisbane’s nightlife. It’s basically an aggregation of clubs and bars that start to fill up at around eleven at night. From locales blasting the latest pop hits at top volume, to the more cultured salsa music playing in a chandeliered room; you’re bound to find the perfect tune to complement your night.

What’s even better is that every club is within walking distance – yes, even for ladies in ridiculously high heels – making it the perfect location to club or bar hop.Food stalls stay open the whole night, so that once you’ve danced to the point that your blisters start to sing, you can still grab a hot dog to ebb your hunger pains.

And if you ever have enough time to enjoy a short holiday, you can always hop into a car with your mates or take the train down to Gold Coast to catch some waves, or head on over to Byron Bay to bathe in the beautiful landscape. However if you’re pressed for time but still hankering to go to the beach, head over to our artificial beach in South Bank. That’s right, just a few steps off the main concrete path lies a “beach” with real sand – complete with fit lifeguards, children doused in sunscreen, tanning sunbathers and a pool with clear water.

Here in Brisbane, you will never have to stress out about trying to maintain a work and life balance. Our infectious and eagerness for fun means that you will never experience a dull moment. We are a blooming that you must come and try out for yourself.

Photos by : Andy Mitchell

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