What Brisbane Suburb is Right For You?

brisbane suburbsBrisbane is a wonderful city to live in, and not only for city-slickers who still crave the laidback Queensland vibe. Whether you’re young, old, working, retired, or have just started up a new family, you don’t want to be living anywhere else than this great city.

Now, picking the perfect Brisbane suburb may sound easy, given that we live in one of Australia’s most liveable cities, but upon closer inspection, you may find yourself lost amongst the huge range of choices.

Luckily, your Rental Guardians are here to help you out! Check out our list below featuring our favourite suburbs for every living situation.

Best Suburb for a Young Family – Indooroopilly

Indooroopilly hands-down wins our favourite Brisbane suburb for young families wanting the best for their little munchkins. Earlier this year, Indooroopilly State School ranked amongst Brisbane’s highest achieving primary schools, earning 5 stars for both English and Mathematics.

It’s also incredibly conveniently located on Moggil Road, close to the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, making your post-school-pickup shopping excursion a breeze. The shopping centre itself has also been creating a name for itself as one of the most child-friendly malls in Brisbane, offering an extensive range of kids clothing outlets, an indoor play area and the Indooroopilly library which regularly hosts activities for kids aged 1 – 12. And let’s not forget the multitude of luscious green parks to be found in the area! It’s the perfect Brisbane suburb for you to raise your children.

Best Suburb for Students – St Lucia

This one may be slightly obvious, as it is actually the same suburb as The University of Queensland, but even if you’re a QUT or Griffith student, the student lifestyle in St Lucia is unparalleled. The public transport almost never stops (there’s even night buses that run from the city and valley on weekends!), and it usually only takes about 25 minutes until you’re right in the heart of the CBD.

Such a high population of students of course demands high-quality takeaway (locals’ top suggestions include Indian Feast on Sir Fred Schonnell Drive and A Salt And Battery on Hawken Drive) and it’s fair share of pubs (looking here at you, The Royal Exchange!), which are always eager to hire local students to man their counters. Win-win!

Best Suburb for Retirees – Wynnum

photo of Wynnum outdoorsHaving covered the best suburb for families, the question then becomes; ‘Which is the best suburb for living without the kids?’ After a fair amount of research, and not an insubstantial amount of debate, the seaside suburb of Wynnum has emerged victorious.

Featuring a gorgeous golf club, a stunning ocean-front esplanade and several cutesy little cafes, the charming suburb of Wynnum ticks all the right boxes for a relaxing retirement. Reports from the locals reveal a lack of ‘exciting nightlife’, but if all you’re wanting for a good night is a delicious meal and glass of wine, Wynnum has you covered. Plus, it’s only a half-hour drive into the city!

Photos by Graham Cook

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