Top 5 ways to beat the heat in Brisbane this summer

By Mel Keyte

The mercury is rising, storms are starting to roll in and when stepping into direct sunlight, our skins are audibly crackling. Summer is fast approaching in Brisbane, and it’s predicted to be a scorcher! So how do you beat the heat in one of Australia’s hottest cities? Let us tell you.

photo of Summer Fun with sprinklerThe old sprinkler-trick.

This one is a true gem, no matter what your age is. Any decent Aussie will remember this trick from the old days when they were just a wee ankle-biter, but unfortunately, we stop enjoying this DIY water-park when we hit our teens. This summer, turn back your body clock and set up your sprinkler to enjoy like you did when you were a kid.

For apartment-dwellers, the sprinkler-trick may not be a feasible option, but you can still enjoy a dash of youthful water fun by investing in a blow-up paddling pool to set up on your balcony. Throw in a rubber-duck and a good book for extra fun!

Bunker down in a local library

A typical go-to suggestion for beating the heat is to head to your nearest shopping centre or movie theatre to seek out free air-con. Sadly, the fact is that you will likely spend your entire piggy bank savings on stuff while you’re there, impulse-buying a whole new wardrobe or forking out for a small popcorn and coke.

Local libraries, on the other hand, will be cranking the air-con to keep you cool in the summer, and are totally free. In fact, during the school holidays, your local library will likely be putting on some fun activities or events. Bunker down in your local library this summer – you never know, you might just learn something new!

photo of Southbank beach BrisbaneChannel your inner beach bum

Summer = beach days.
It’s a fairly simple concept. But few Brisbanites know the fabulous beach options available to them, from glorious stretches along to Gold and Sunshine Coasts to our inner-city Southbank beach.

Beaches allow us the chance to spend the entire day relaxing, and no one will accuse you of laziness. Just remember to slip, slop and slap, otherwise you’ll be spending the rest of your summer unable to move!


photo of zooper doopersAhh, another childhood treasure. Despite the Joker-style mouth scars these babies are likely to give you, a frozen Zooper-Dooper is a sure-fire way to beat the heat this summer in Brisbane.

If you’re worried about the sugar intake which could ruin your beach-body, or is just bad for your health in general, it might be worth investing in some of the Hydralite versions. Similar to the Zooper-Doopers, they are a nice cold treat to pop from the freezer to your mouth, but they’re filled with electrolyte-replenishers, meaning you’ll stay wonderfully hydrated throughout your day.

Rock the summer-time fashions

Summer is the one time of the year that you can get away with wearing as little clothing as possible. Midriff tops, short shorts, open-toed sandals, ripped singlets – there are so many fashion pieces designed specifically to keep you nice and cool. And, since everyone else is sweltering away under their lightweight singlets and board shorts, no one is allowed to judge you for stripping down to the most basic clothing you can find.

We hope this has been helpful in providing a few ideas for the upcoming summer. Best of luck Brisbanites!

Photos by : eGuide Travelgfpeck, and ariane

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