Six Reasons Brisbane is Australia’s Best Capital City

Photo of City of Brisbane, AustraliaThose Sydneysiders and Melbourites think they have it all, with their fancy internationally-recognised landmarks. But Brisbane doesn’t need to have an Opera House or a MCG to be awesome. In fact, here’s ten reasons Brisbane is actually Australia’s best capital city.

We’re located in the ‘Sunshine State’

Honestly, who has ever said, “Oh yeah, let’s move to Melbourne because the weather is more indecisive than a Libra trying to choose between pork belly and slow-roasted duck for dinner”? Or, “I’ve heard Sydney gets super-cold during winter – let’s pack up and head off there”. No one. Ever. Sunshine state? Who on earth wouldn’t want to live in a place where winter temps don’t dip below 15°C? #winning!

photo of Jacandras of BrisbaneJacaranda Trees

Okay, maybe I’m just a tad lovestruck by our purple beauties blooming all over the place lately, but I don’t think anyone would disagree when I say that these stunners definitely add value to our city. They’re romantic, they smell lovely, and they practically make spring in Brisbane a purple version of Japan’s Cherry-Blossom season. Does any other Australian city have a purple-Cherry-Blossom season? Didn’t think so.


The footwear. Due to the awesome weather and balmy temperatures in our sunkissed city (see above), thongs are virtually acceptable everywhere. Ducking out to the shops? Throw on some thongs. Going someplace fancier for lunch? Chuck on your ‘nice’ sparkly/beaded/gold-plated thongs. Dying to show off your latest pedi? Thongs will do just the trick! Beat that, Sydney and Melbs!

Beaches near BrisbaneThe Beach

Fact: Brisbane is the only Australian capital city with a beach located less than a 5 minute walk from the CBD. It is literally possible (and acceptable!) to wear a bikini into the middle of Brisbane city.

*telephone rings* Yes? Oh, Opera House! No hard feelings, but we’d just really prefer a sweet beach in the middle of our city. I mean, you can’t play beach volleyball in the Opera House can you?

Underdog Attitude

Everyone’s been to Sydney and Melbourne, everyone’s taken a picture with the Harbour Bridge and seen the Williams sisters whack a ball at the Aussie Open. Brisbane is the path less travelled, and you shall be the richer for it, since it’s not yet riddled with tourists to the extent that the others are. Also, you score major cool-points for referring to Brissy as ‘up and coming’. You’re welcome.

Day Trip Central

Let me pose a quick question for the hardcore Syds and Melbs lovers: How many awesome cities, beaches or attractions are within a 1 hour drive from their capital? Zilch – unless you count Newcastle, and let’s be honest, you probably shouldn’t. How many from Brisbane? Um, only the Gold Coast (Australia’s 6th largest city & home to the world’s best beaches), no less than four separate theme parks (packed with killer rides), the Sunshine Coast (again, world’s best beaches), and just a few more fab activities along the way such as the Natural Arch in Springbrook.

You know, after all that, I almost feel bad for shutting down Sydney and Melbourne now. But then, I remember we’re living in Australia’s best capital city, and I don’t feel so bad anymore.


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