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Walter Taylor Bridge, Indooroopillyby Jacqui Chiu

First thing you need to know about Indooroopilly is its pronunciation. It is the single greatest determinant that screams how new you are to the area. Although tempting, don’t enunciate every letter. Simply drop out some of the syllables and say, “In-dro-pil-ly” – it’s a whole less easier to pronounce than you thought, eh?

In spite of being a residential suburb, there are sites around Indooroopilly that attract tourist including the Walter Taylor Bridge. Not only is it listed on the State Heritage Register for being a structure with cultural significance, it is the longest suspension bridge in Australia and the only remaining Steinman-type bridge in the world.

Best of all, it is the only habitable bridge in the Southern Hemisphere! That’s right – the towers in this bridge aren’t just built for suspension cables to hang from, there are people living in the flats within the towers!

While we may not all be fortunate enough to boast about living inside a bridge, Indooroopilly has plenty more to offer. It is an area that will suit anyone who treasure living in a verdant area while refusing to compromise the luxury of convenience.

Being a mere seven kilometres south-west of Brisbane’s city centre, Indooroopilly is an ideal place to reside. It is often thought of as a transport hub since every public transport facility is within short walking distances. For example, a bus interchange is conveniently located outside the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre! Of particular mention would be the train station. Not only does it provide yet another method of transportation, it stretches across the suburb to carefully separate Indooroopilly into two halves.

On the shopping centre side of the train line is a bumbling town animated by the rumbling noises of car engines. On the other side is a reposed neighbourhood, lying dreamily under shrubbery. In spite of being a mere two minutes walk away from honking cars and chatty commuters, the simple act of crossing the train line can be likened to entering the doors of a magical garden. As you leave the shopping centre side of Indooroopilly, a sense of calm washes over you as crowds of trees welcome you on the other side.

This other side of the train line is the calmer and more relaxed side of Indooroopilly that every homeowner dreams about. The only noise you would hear are the satisfied sounds of dogs rolling in the grass in a nearby garden, chattering school children enjoying treats bought from the neighbourhood shops and the crinkling sounds of plastic bags with food from the local takeaway places.

jacarandaLurking under blossoming jacarandas and Moreton Bay fig trees are a mixture of traditional Queenslanders and modern houses. Everywhere you go, there is greenery.

Some try to speculate why Indooroopilly is lucky enough to be a neighbourhood with such a strong tropical-feeling; no matter the reason, you can be guaranteed that there is enough shade for locals to keep cool under during a hot summer day.

Personally, I find strolling along paths dotted by flowers and plants to be a highly effective stress reliever. Perhaps that may explain the high proportion of students and professionals that have chosen to live here, which has also incited an increase in the popularity of apartment and detached housing construction. But then again, some of the more prestigious primary and secondary schools are found in Indooroopilly. Maybe that is why so many families choose to move here; after all, there is a great deal of daycare centres, kindergartens, primary and secondary school options to choose from.

So forget about living at the Walter Taylor Bridge (where the waiting list is extremely extremely extremely long) and instead, choose a home in the tranquil side of Indooroopilly and enjoy living amongst swaying trees and leafy shrubberies.

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