My Brisbane: Corinda, Queensland

by Jacqui Chiu

Corinda railway stationCorinda is a suburb that is a mere 11km southwest of the Central Business District, and which acts as a corridor connecting Brisbane to Ipswich. That’s because it is a well-served transport area with a platter of travelling options so plentiful it could even rival the variety of food on offer here.

Be prepared as your mouth goes on an around-the-world journey as it indulges in the comforting foods of local family bistros to traditional delicacies from India, and even specialties all the way from Thailand. The best part? All these food locales are closely packed together as it only a few streets of walking distance.

However you should be warned, with the mixture of shopping and commercial outlets on offer, you will undoubtedly become distracted by a bit of retail therapy as you make your way to these fantastic food outlets.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of the shopping and the other local amenities on offer here (which I highly doubt would happen!), being only a bus ride away, it is convenient to travel to nearby suburbs like Graceville and Sherwood to take advantage of their facilities too.

corinda golf course publicCorinda is perfect for when you’re in the mood to soak in some nature but feeling too lazy to go far. With over five large parks dispersed evenly throughout the suburb, there is bound to be one nearby for you to relax in. Depending on the park, the crowd will be different. Some parks are bumbling with energetic young ones screaming with delight, others cater to a quieter audience who prefer to sit under leafy canopies and enjoy the silence.

And those wishing to participate in sports, feel free to throw a Frisbee in one of the many open areas. But if you’re more into more strategic sports, give the local golf course a shot!

With so much on offer, no wonder Corinda is such a fast growing residential area! Even today it keeps to its tradition of converting available farmlands into residential estates in order to meet the high demand for housing here.

But from experience we know that every great place has its drawbacks. So what’s the bad part for this amazing suburb? Well, since Corinda is bordered by the Brisbane River and by the Oxley creek – during rare times when Brisbane experiences massive floods, houses located nearer to these water areas may become affected. So how would you avoid this?

Most of the locals have opted to live in bungalow styled homes on the hilly areas located in the western portion of Corinda. Not only does that create a safe haven that protects them from potential floods, it is a beautiful living location that provides a semi-aerial view of the suburb as well as a marvellous configuration of Mount Coot-tha.

If you’re still worried about the floods (which in all honesty, you shouldn’t be), just know that the integrity of the houses can be reflected in the local heritage-listed landmark, Monkton. As a timber framed house constructed in the 1925, the house remains highly intact and in pristine condition. The symmetry and intricate details lovingly etched onto both the house’s exterior and interior, just goes to show the amount of attention to detail architectures here pay. Just looking at Monkton should reassure you that you can trust the integrity and structure of the housing designs here.

Corinda is definitely a highly-accessible suburb with older homes that exude a sense of warmth which would appeal to almost everybody.

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