My Brisbane : Bulimba, Queensland

Bulimba Riverside Park, Bulimba, Photo : Brisbane City Council

Bulimba Riverside Park, Bulimba Photo : Brisbane City Council

Bulimba is a cloistered riverside suburb protected by nature from the stressful and mind-numbing ways that constitutes as city living. Its uniqueness can be painted by a mere description of its location. You see, Bulimba is surrounded by the Brisbane River on two of its three sides – just like a kingdom is encircled by a moat filled with crocodiles (but in this case, bull sharks!).

Bulimba ferry wharf

Bulimba ferry wharf. Photo : Reubot

And much like any realm, the suburb is self-sustainable. It does not need support from the outside at all. Why’s that? Well, the suburb started off as a farming settlement filled with thriving fields of maize, wheats and yams. Over the years, these cash crops were gradually harvested and replaced by local stores and amenities to create a community with everything it needs within close reach. At the same time, distinctive Queenslanders began to spring from the leafy shrubberies of Bulimba, enticing soon-to-be-residents to drizzle into the land.

Bulimba has such a strong aura of mystique that the most preferred journey to return home from the city is not even through the traditional bus ride. Instead, most locals opt to take the ferry. This lets them enjoy a leisurely cruise before being greeted by a funky blue wooden shed with brown roof tiles – the ferry terminal.

This unique structure not only acts as a “Welcome to Bulimba” sign, it is also a cherished heritage site that the locals are proud to flourish.

The vicinity of the ferry terminal is sprinkled with perfect picnic spots. Feel free to ask anyone who happen to walk by, and they will definitely encourage you to spend the day lazing by the riverside.

It’s the ideal place to relax since you can indulge in the serene lapping of waves and the humming of city cats as they purr by. Later on in the evening, these picnic areas become a splendid area to watch the sun sink behind the waterline.

If you somehow manage to find the strength to pull away from this alluring scenery, head down the main avenue – Oxford Street. You will feel like you have been transported back to simpler times, far away from the time-pressed and frantic world that you were raised in. It is a road that exemplifies Brisbane’s laidback lifestyle and which exudes a village feel. What others streets can you think of at the top of your head, that is lined by great bookshops, quaint cafes, eclectic boutiques, alfresco eateries and a deli?

image of children at Bulimba Riverside Park, Bulimba Queensland

Bulimba Riverside Park, Bulimba Photo: Brisbane City Council

Looking around Oxford Street, you cannot help but aspire to become just like the locals who are slowly sipping their cups of coffee while indulging in some people watching. Life is so laidback here, time seems to have slowed down in order to try and join them.

Hang on a second, but how can any suburb sound so calm and relaxing? Surely, there will be children bouncing around who will amp up the excitement a few notches?

Fear not, for these young ones are often too pre-occupied with running around Riverside Park, unleashing four-legged friends at dog parks or kicking a ball with mates in the open areas to disturb other parts of the community.

So Bulimba is definitely a tranquil suburb. It is perfect for anyone who appreciates reading a novel in a cafe on their day off while soaking in the charming way of life. Now imagine being able to do that every single day, whenever you want. That’s what it feels like for every local Bulimba resident. Jealous?

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