Changes You Need To Know About For The G20 Leader’s Summit

G20 Brisbane logoby Mel Keyte

Unless you’ve literally been living under a rock for the last six months, Brisbane is hosting the 2014 G20 Leader’s Summit. There’s been a lot of fancy words and complex sentences tossed around in the dramatic lead-up to this momentous event, but not a great deal of explanation in what Brisbanities can expect over the next weekend.

We’ve compiled a quick list of what changes you can expect around town over the next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Obvious

As I’m sure most of you know, Friday is a public holiday. This means that most of you will not be expected to show up at work, and that many services around Brisbane CBD will either not be operating or be charging public holiday surcharges. However, this does not apply to all businesses, so it’s worth checking with your boss to see what the go is.

The Airport

According to most sources, travelling to and from the airport is going to be a real pain this weekend. It appears that the options are; wait for hours on end through road diversions and closures OR pay $50 for a 2-minute ‘Airtrain’ trip from Roma Street to the Airport. Hmmmm…

The Broom-broom Car

picture of someone drivingDon’t drive this weekend. I mean, really, find ANY other possible way of getting to, from or around the city as most of the city will be on total lockdown for the motorcades.

It’s predicted to be quite a lovely weekend weather-wise, so we highly recommend busting out those bicycles which have been locked up since last summer and take them for a spin. Or, if you’re close enough, take a little wander over to the city on foot.Just remember to slip, slop and slap, or the security police might want to use you as a stop-sign!

The Protesting Types

The police have been informed of roughly 22 peaceful protests scheduled throughout the weekend and the week leading up to the G20. While there is no indication thus far that these protests could turn violent, it’s well worth keeping your wits about you when wandering through the city on Saturday. If you feel worried at any time, have a chat to the closest security official or police officer, they are there to help you.

image of a man taking a photoThe Clicky-Clacky Camera Things

While the G20 festivities are no doubt going to be amazing, and you will definitely want to be snapping a few memories, just keep in mind that you shouldn’t be photographing or filming any sensitive areas or buildings in or around the exclusion zone.

Again, keep your wits about you, maintain some common sense, and if in doubt, ask your closest police officer.

And most importantly, The Barbies

Weekend barbies in Southbank will run as normal. While items such as eggs, glass containers and knives are prohibited from the exclusion zone, you will still be allowed to carry them in a bag if you are headed to a BBQ in Southbank’s parklands. Pheww!

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