Brisbane : Capital of the Sunshine State


The land of the in-between; the nest capital; jewel of the east coast – just a few of the random quaint titles Brisbane’s earned over the years in its role as the capital of the sunshine state. Young families flock here from all parts of Australia to seek a more-gentle climate, and more open space for their growing brood.

Excellent proximity to the Gold Coast – Australia’s vision of a love child between Miami and Vegas. Which is also the fun capital this side of the world with all the ‘worlds’ and what not.

Folks come here because other folk don’t try to mow you down if you stroll too slowly through the city like they do in Sydney. The arts and culture isn’t as rich as Melbourne but it isn’t as oversaturated either. It isn’t an oven at night – in summer – if you can’t afford air conditioning like in Cairns or Mackay, and it isn’t like taking a chilling nap in the freezer in winter like it is further down.

Just a bit far south to be considered a ‘mining town’ yet close enough for mine work to be had, and just far enough north to avoid the frozen cold down NSW way, this chumly town of mine is a growing one, but still more of a canvas that needs to be filled than a completed painted simply there to be admired.

I guess that there’s the charm of this place. It’s a place you can make your own and grow. I remember old family friends who’ve all since moved to Brisbane from Sydney and what not, up and sold their houses down there, bought some really nice places here (considering the price difference and how good real estate prices are here compared to there). They fell in love with the place and they’ve never even mentioned going back. Third generation Brisbane-ees they are now.

Car-life is amazing since it’s not a cross country trek to get from A to B like it is in some places. Public transport is EASY-PEASY. Yeah, I said that, and I haven’t used that term since grade school. Why? Because it is.

Brisbane, come up, swing by, resettle here. I moved here myself almost 20 years ago, I fell in love with it as a child, as a rebellious teenager and now as a young professional.
But don’t just take my word for it..

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